Safety Culture

Safety Culture

Safety Pact - Our Commitment to Life

Caring for our people is part of our internal essence. We have the ambition to achieve zero accidents and we work tirelessly to promote a culture of health and safety among our teams.

In order to solidify this culture, we invest in providing our employees with knowledge and information through campaigns, training, and education.

Golden Rules

We have five non-negotiable rules to prevent accidents and save lives.

Leadership Pact

We leverage the fundamental role of our leaders to promote a culture of safety.

Employee of Impact

We foster knowledge and raise awareness to increase the perception of risks and promote a culture of prevention, in addition to strengthening our proactive, collaborative, and autonomous approach.

Our management

Our processes are geared towards protecting life and the environment through the identification and efficient control of risks, compliance with applicable legislation, operational control procedures and measures tailored to our activities, ongoing management of contractors and protection of the environment, always focusing on prevention and anticipation.

The identification and treatment of deviations in a systemic way, as well as the incorporation of lessons learned from the investigation of incidents, help improve operational routines and build a safer working environment. The routine evaluation of our results via performance indicators and audit cycles allows for continuous improvement of our Health and Safety Management System.

Traffic Safety Program

To contribute to the reduction of traffic accidents in the port area, the Traffic Safety Program promotes education and awareness actions.

Through this initiative, Porto do Açu Operações invests in road infrastructure and internal control and prevention processes in collaboration with other terminals and companies in the complex, related agencies, and the government.

Our partners

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Emergency Management

We recognize the importance of a robust and integrated emergency management framework and act through our emergency plans and Center of Operations and Response to Emergencies (CORE).

Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

When the pandemic started, we established a crisis management structure to take care of people, support the community, and safeguard the company’s operational continuity and financial health.

Emergency management

We understand the importance of a robust and integrated emergency management framework, and we take action through our emergency plans and our Center of Operations and Response to Emergencies (CORE).