People and Community

Focus on people’s well-being and regional development

We invest in talent attraction and development, promoting a safe, ethical, and diverse work environment that improves the quality of life of our employees. Since 2021, we have been considered an excellent company to work at, maintaining the Great Place to Work (GPTW) certification, and we continue to advance in our Diversity and Inclusion Agenda based on our Sustainability, Human Resources, and Diversity and Inclusion Policies.

We maintain an ongoing dialogue with local communities through our communication channels and social projects. In line with our commitment to regional development, we focus on hiring local labor and suppliers and provide aid and support to vulnerable populations residing in the region.

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Our People

We work to attract and retain talent, develop and foster the health and well-being of our employees, and build a diverse and inclusive work environment through our Quality of Life Program and our Diversity and Inclusion Agenda.

Community Engagement

Aiming to promote regional development, we engage with the community through our communication channels and social projects. We also focus on hiring local workers and suppliers through the Regional Employability Network – “Rede de Empregabilidade” and the Local Supplier Development Program, in addition to providing support to vulnerable populations.