Port of Açu:
innovation platform

Collective of Actions in Innovation and Sustainability
Collective of Actions
in Innovation and Sustainability

In order to stimulate innovation in our operations and contribute to the promotion of the regional ecosystem, Port of Açu developed Cais Açu Lab innovation program – Collective of Actions in Innovation and Sustainability. The program establishes guidelines for research, development and innovation in our operations, in the port complex and in the region, connecting local initiatives to our strategy and potentiating projects through partnerships.

With the vision of transforming the Port of Açu into an innovation platform, promoting efficiency and resilience of port, maritime and industrial operations, increasing competitiveness and contributing to local economic development, Cais Açu Lab was structured on four pillars:

Digital Transformation

Develop Port of Açu
as a Smart Port

Process Improvement

Increase efficiency and
ESG positive impacts

New business

Use of the port ecosystem to develop new opportunities by intrapreneurship and circular economy

Energy transition

Promote sustainable business, low carbon industrialization and generation of shared value

Some RD&I Initiatives

Digital twins for asset management and optimization

A pioneering project in Brazil, in partnership with the startup PhDsoft and using Finep resources, for the development of simulation and modeling of T-MULT structures and nautical signaling buoys for the navigation channel to Terminal 2 of the port. Port of Açu works as a laboratory for the company to implement research and development of digital twins applied to the port area.

R&D project for reuse
of dredging mud

Developed in partnership with the State University of the North Fluminense Darcy Ribeiro (UENF), the project aims to seek sustainable and innovative solutions for the reuse of sediments from dredging at Port of Açu in the production of materials for civil construction. Through the “Innovative Company” public announcement, by the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq), ten scholarships have already been awarded to UENF researchers and students.

Nautical bottom using fluid mud
layer and Dynamic Draft

Project in partnership with UFRJ, Microars and Argonautica for sectoral technical discussion on improving navigation and dredging management processes.

GHG emission platform for ports

In partnership with the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and with funding from CNPq, the project aims to develop a digital solution based on big data for diagnosis, prognosis and selection of the best decarbonization options in the Brazilian maritime industry. Port of Açu acted as a facilitator, mobilizing 11 companies to support and endorse the project.

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