Safe Environment and Operations

Safety and security are indispensable for Porto do Açu Operações and a pillar of our Sustainability Strategy. Our structure and processes aim to maintain and continue our operations and focus on safety, protection of life, and asset integrity.

Maritime traffic at Port of Açu is managed by our Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) Center, with real-time monitoring integrated with other port information systems, such as the Port Management Information System (PMIS), which is part of our Center of Operations and Response to Emergencies (CORE). The VTS Center and nautical infrastructure of Port of Açu ensure navigation efficiency and safety and earned the ISO 9001 – Quality Management System certification in 2020.

We work toward continually improving our results and reaffirming safety as a value in our activities among port users and the local community.

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Health and Safety Management

We focus on preventing and anticipating risks based on best global practices and on promoting a culture of safety via our “Pacto pela Segurança” Program

Emergency Management

We recognize the importance of a robust and integrated emergency management framework and act through our emergency plans and Center of Operations and Response to Emergencies (CORE)

Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

When the pandemic started, we established a crisis management structure to take care of people, support the community, and safeguard the company’s operational continuity and financial health.