Climate Change

Management of risks and opportunities

We manage climate change risks and opportunities based on three main fronts: mitigation, adaptation, and opportunities.

Since 2016, we have prepared an annual Greenhouse Gas Inventory following the guidelines set out by the Brazilian GHG Protocol Program, which includes our direct and indirect emissions (Scopes 1, 2, and 3). With this, we aim to better understand our GHG emissions in order to propose mitigation actions.

We are attentive to physical and transitional risks (e.g., regulatory and technological) of climate change and understand that the port sector is especially susceptible to physical risks due to its location in the coastal zone. Therefore, in partnership with Port of Antwerp-Bruges International (formerly Port of Antwerp International – PAI and the specialist consulting firm Deltares, we developed a study in 2021 to map physical risks, which took into account two different temperature increase scenarios and three timeframes — 2040, 2070, and 2100. 

Our goal is to address these findings in our management activities focusing on safety and resilience and to provide to our customers the knowledge they need to ensure the continuity of their businesses at the port in the medium and long term.

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Opportunities arising from the energy transition and new energy sources are included in our business development strategy. The third wave of our strategic planning guides the expansion of port operations through the development of low-carbon businesses and support for sustainability in the global port logistics chain, aiming to consolidate Açu as a point of connection in the rapid pace of decarbonization worldwide.

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Environmental Management

Our environmental management activities are based on mapping environmental aspects and risks through assessments and technical studies and follows the guidelines of our Sustainability Policy’s standards and procedures.


We recognize the importance of preserving biodiversity in line with the sustainable development of our activities and support preservation via the Caruara Private Natural Heritage Reserve.